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  1. Five12 Numerology 4 to be released in September
    23 Jul 2014, 5:34 am

    Five12 has announced that Numerology 4 will be released in September, 2014. All new purchasers of N3 licences get a free upgrade to N4. New features for both N4 SE and Pro: 64-bit: There are now 64-b. […]

  2. Plogue announces chipspeech
    23 Jul 2014, 5:27 am

    Plogue has announced the third member in their 'chip' series, Plogue chipspeech - a faithful emulation of all major classic speech synthesis chips of the early 1980s, and a few surprises. It's a synt. […]

  3. PlugInGuru.com releases "Toxic Omnisphere" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere
    23 Jul 2014, 5:10 am

    PlugInGuru.com has released Toxic Omnisphere, which features 125 aggressive EDM patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Here's what they say: Toxic Omnisphere is the first library created by someone ot. […]

  4. Subatomic Software updates Audulus to v2.8 - Refines User Interface
    23 Jul 2014, 5:00 am

    Subatomic Software has updated Audulus to v2.8, which refines the user interface in response to feedback from users as well as Apple designers at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference. Audulus. […]

  5. Akai Posts Sound Video of $199 Rhythm Wolf Drum Machine – Hungry for a Review?
    23 Jul 2014, 4:00 am

    Now we know what Akai’s drum machine plus simple bass synth sounds like. And no surprises – it’s a simple, classic-inspired analog drum machine with a basic synth. And yeah, you’re probably go. […]

  6. Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.54
    23 Jul 2014, 1:08 am

    Samba Godschynski has updated VSTForx to v1.0.54. This new version comes with the ability to customize the look and feel using SVG and CSS. What's new in 1.0.53 Video: http://youtu.be/7uIv_MT_dBE [Re. […]

  7. Polyrhythmus is an Insanely-Great, Free Generator of Rhythms, Arpeggios
    22 Jul 2014, 1:43 pm

    Polyrhythmus is the machine generator of notes and rhythms many of us have long dreamt of. It does Euclidean rhythms – symmetrical divisions of time that beautifully produce common polyrhythms (not. […]

  8. KVRDC14: New Prizes From Tone2
    22 Jul 2014, 12:39 pm

    As mentioned yesterday, we are in the final two weeks of the KVR Developer Challenge 2014. Developers, finalize those plug-ins, truncate those samples, polish up that GUI and get your submissions [Re. […]

  9. Novation updates Launchpad to v1.6.1 - Adds iPhone Support
    22 Jul 2014, 11:40 am

    Novation recently updated Launchpad, the free app that lets you easily make and remix beats and electronic music on your iPad, then record and share your performances online. Now, in the version 1.6. […]

  10. SampleOddity releases Oddmospheres 2 for Massive
    22 Jul 2014, 10:42 am

    SampleOddity has released Oddmospheres 2, a collection of cinematic presets for Massive. Spanning the spectrum of sound from ethereal and delicate to gritty and aggressive, this set includes dynamic,. […]



Dominion is a tool to shape the envelope of a signal, giving you total control of the signal’s attack & sustain phase.


  • Envelope section. Adjust attack & sustain independently, regardless of input level. Plus, you have control over the envelopes’ time constants. Imagine pulling a drummer up front or pushing him to the background by dragging just a single slider! Feel like moving the walls around him? Again, a single push enhances the room information or can make the sound really dry.
  • Saturation stage. The plugin can help to reduce harshness often associated with digital recordings, giving back some warmth and life to your source by modelling classic analog equipment. The tonal character stays adjustable within a broad range.
  • High frequency details section. Similar to classic exciter circuits, this section allows you to brighten up a signal, giving transparency and depth by generating additional harmonics.
  • Non-clipping output stage. Like the endorphin compressor, a brickwall waveshaper circuit ensures that the output won’t exceed -0.1dBFS, while remaining sonically clean.



ndc Plugs

A simple ADSR envelope plugin, triggered with MIDI notes.



de la Mancha

envy is a two channel, midi-triggered volume envelope plug with added features



Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter is a simple yet powerful signal analysis tool: it measures the peak value of the signal and lets you record it as an automation curve, as well as the fact that your signal clips (’clipping’ occurs when the signal is higher than the maximum value accepted by your audio system).

Thanks to this unique feature you can use your audio signal to control other effects: just copy and paste the generated automation envelope and assign it to any parameter of any effect on any track of your project. Many customers have successfuly used it for automated video processing: your audio track is now able to control your video effects! And your guitar is now able to influence your drums track…



Brain Doc

Envelope-Designer is a plugIn with which you can adjust the relative amount of the attack transients and the sutained/release components in a signal. For the detection of the transient component there are 2 envelope-followers with identical release times and different attack times. The difference between the envelope with the fast attack time and the envelope with the slow attack time yields a control signal, which has significant amplitudes only when the incoming signal is in some “transient” state. This is because the difference between the envelope-followers with fast and slow attack tends to zero in a sustained phase. Multiplying this control signal with the incoming signal yields a signal, which contains the transient component. The extraction of the release component is similar: it is done with two envelope followers with identical attack times a different release times. The difference between the envelope with the slow release time and the envelope with the fast release time has significant amplitudes for decaying signals. Multiplied with the incoming signal, we have extracted the release component. Now we can adjust the relative amplitudes of these two signal components seperately.




Mutine is 2 envelope followers and 2 lfo’s, that triggers volume or cutoff

Envelope followers can be set to follow left channel, right channel or both.

The effect can also be set to apply on left, right or both channels.

That way, you can use Mutine on a group channel, with for instance, a drum on left that triggers envelope follower, and a pad on right, that will be chopped by drum pattern.

Mutine also responds to midi notes




When the threshhold is crossed, a swell is triggered. Can be used to alter the attack / decay characteristic of the input, such as to add punch to individual drums.


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